OMARC Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Special Events Station


1st. Century of Radio and Aviation!


OMARC and The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome are celebrating the 1st century of radio and aviation by holding a S.E.S. on the Aerodrome grounds. All amateur radio operators are welcome to attend, and will be given an admission discount to the grounds, where you can enjoy the show, the museum, and operate at the S.E.S.

The operating frequencies we plan to use are the following:

2 Meters - 146.555 Mhz. Simplex

20 Meters - 14.265 Mhz. SSB

40 Meters - 7.265 Mhz. SSB

80 Meters - 3.865 mhz. SSB


The Areodome is also hosting a radio controlled airplane event all weekend. We will primarily operate on the stated frequencies, but may attempt 15 and 10 meters, conditions permitting.

Talk-In on the OMARC 146.805 repeater (negative shift, PL 103.5).

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